Metro Researchers helped me locate an old college friend from my years at college in California during the mid 1980s.

I'm not sure I could have found him had it not been for Metro Researchers' assistance since so many years had passed since I had last spoken with my friend.

Using Metro Researchers was both a time and money saver for me. I highly recommend them to anyone who is attempting to locate someone from their college or high school days.

Tom J.
Atlanta, Georgia

At the age of 62 and after years of wondering who my birth parents were; Metro Researchers located who they were and helped me locate and reunite with two siblings that I didn't even know existed prior to asking them to search.

I recommend Metro Researchers to anyone who is adopted and searching for birth family members. I never would have discovered my long lost siblings without them.

Linda T.
College Park, Georgia

Having served in the Army in the 1960's I had lost touch with many men I had served with. Metro Researchers located several of them and aided them in contacting me.

I recommend their services to anyone who has lost touch with someone over the years and needs help reconnecting with someone.

Weymen S.
McDonough, Georgia

After reaching a brick wall in my genealogical research involving my great grandfather, I decided to enlist the assistance of Metro Researchers; to see if they could find any information about him. Metro Researchers was able to locate court documents, a marriage application and an old newspaper article dating back to the early 1900's that involved my great grandfather.

I highly recommend Metro Researchers to anyone who needs a helping hand in any aspect of their genealogical research. They are thorough and professional in their approach to locating hard to obtain information.

Janice M.
Bountiful, Utah

Metro Researchers was invaluable to me when I needed to screen a prospective tenant for one of my rental properties. Metro Researchers was able to quickly provide me with the information I needed to make an informed decision. I highly recommend their service to any one who is in the rental property business.

Chris B.
Powder Springs, Georgia

Metro Researchers helped me to discreetly and economically background check an individual I was interested in entering a lifetime contract with. Metro Researchers helped me make an informed decision and to verify the facts about information this person has revealed to me. I highly recommend their service to anyone who may be considering doing business with or entering a contract with someone they are uncertain of, or a person who may have just moved in from another area of the country and not a lot is known about their character and reputation.

Tom Q.
Newnan, Georgia



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